Monday, May 13, 2013


As earlier stated, we hung out in Guana a bit longer than expected... but it was all for a good reason. After talking at Kidds Cove about our plans with GM, a couple sitting across from us heard of our plans to sell her and became instantly interested. Nicholas and Kimberly then contacted us right away, wanting to see GM, with interest in possibly purchasing her.

So, we brought Kimberly and Nicholas out to the boat to show her off. We couldn't express enough of how sad we were to have to let her go, but how we needed to in order to begin the next leg of our adventure on a larger, more equipped boat. While Great Mysterious is perfect for island hopping, we want to eventually take the next step onto the Carribbean and Central/South America. While that is quite a ways away, we have something to get home and work towards, that's for sure.

She gets to stay in her Happy Place...

Kimberly and Nicholas spent a day on the boat and then we took them out sailing the next. They seemed to instantly fall in love with not only the boat, but with our lifestyle. It's unlike any other, and it takes a person with a true adventure sense to really appreciate it. After discussing the details and some numbers, a deal was made and a handshake was exchanged. GREAT MYSTERIOUS WAS S-O-L-D!!!

Between the four of us, no one could take the smile off of their faces. Nicholas and Kimberly, for a new chapter beginning, and us for one door closing in order for another to open. Dolby and I couldn't express enough of how happy we were with the situation. Instead of having to sail to Florida, strip her down, put her on the hard, and drive away, we are now able to leave GM in the islands, where she's the happiest. Fully outfitted and ready to cruise, she's getting a new owner who will love her as much as we do and use her to island hop here in the Bahamas, and possibly farther.

We've honestly been on cloud 9 since the exchange of hands of GM. Dolby and I haven't only found new owners of our boat, but we've met two amazing individuals whom we plan on keeping in contact with- a friendship that will last lifetimes. Kim and Nico are so similar to Dolby and I... it's absolutely fascinating. We've all hit it off, and have spent every day of the last week together having drinks, dinner, or just hanging out.

In the scheme of things, reality has started to set in. We need to get off GM, hand her over, and get home to Delaware. It's the exact definition of bittersweet. I find Dolby just staring off into space or rubbing the boat at times, and I can tell while he has a smile on his face, he's sad to let go of his "first love." We are in the process of packing up our belongings and shipping some home, while taking some with us on our flight home. There's a lot of work to be done before we fly home next Tuesday, but we're up for the challenge and ready. While we are so excited to get home to our family and friends at home, we are sad to leave the family and friends we've made here in the Bahamas.

We will keep everyone updated on the last bit of our trip, and our journey in finding the next Great Mysterious... while we've discussed different boat names, we just can't let the memories, stories, and expectations that goes along with that name go...



  1. Wow, that was really fortuitous. Congratulations!

  2. Wow, that is bittersweet! But great to have a new beginning coming up

  3. Congrats you two!! So happy things worked out the way they did. Enjoy your last few days in the islands. We arrived in Arizona today. I'm happy to be home but very sad I won't be on the boat for 5months. Think of you guys often. You better stay in touch! XXOO
    Scott Michelle Voyage

  4. Great how things just fell into place, and you've made some new friends who'll take good care of GM! Best wishes on your new life chapter!

  5. Fire Marshall and Britt,

    Hope y'all made it home okay. You have been apart of every story we have told about our trip. We wish you the best and it looks like the GM has wonderful new owners that will let the FM sleep at night
    Mark and Tracy

  6. Any footnotes to your story? How's life back in DE?

  7. Dolby, hope this message finds you well. This is Hank from Last Star. Got word today from a broker that she is for sale again. Go to the and send me an e-mail at Let me know if you are interested.