Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Day At Sea!

Well, it is finally here. After much anticipated wait time, we finally got to leave our slip in Lewes and start the trek south. We cast off our bow lines around 6:20 in the early morning darkness. There was no doubt that there were mixed emotions about leaving. While we were both very excited, we found it very hard to leave our family and friends- but we know that this is an opportunity of a lifetime and one that won't be forever. By the time we got out into the bay, the fog was rolling over the water and the clouds made it seem that there would be no sunrise to watch.

Fog Over the Bay

But after a slow motor out to towards the lighthouse (due to no wind in our favor) the sun started to peek through the clouds. It was a beautiful sunrise to send us off into the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the day was unfortunately (and fortunately) uneventful. We had a lot of fun with "Pete the Cat"- our boat mascot which is traveling with us for this trip and his whereabouts will be relayed to various classrooms back in Delaware! If you've never heard of Pete, check him out, it's a pretty cute and funny story!

sun peeking out from the clouds
Pete Using the Tiller

After going along the Delaware coastline from Lewes to Rehoboth, Dewey, Bethany, and Fenwick, we finally reached Ocean City. You never realize how big OC is until you are sailing along it's coast at 5 knots. It was very interesting to see this side of the "city." The buildings seem huge and it's never ending. Dolby and I both compared the rides in OC to Coney Island in NY (although neither of us have been there!) We actually made it to the OC inlet in way less time than we thought. We were anticipating a 5:00 arrival, and it was only 2:00 as we pulled in. We followed many different lobster/fishing/crabbing/shrimp commercial boats in the inlet, although we were way more cautious than they were.

Heading in the Inlet


We navigated our way into the waterway between Assateague Island and Ocean City/West Ocean City. Anchor was set in a nice, calm area in which we could see marshland on one side and wild ponies grazing on the beach on the other- so surreal. It's amazing how beautiful everything seems already and it's only Day 1!


Once we settled and relaxed for a bit, it was time to make dinner. Chef Dolby whipped up a pork tenderloin along with some french style green beans and mashed potatoes. Paired with a delicious red blend wine, it was the perfect meal to end our first day at sea. We are now finding ourselves rounding out the night relaxing on the back deck, listening to music and watching the immaculate sunset. Although the wind was not in our favor for most of the day, we couldn't have asked for a better one. Mostly, we couldn't have done this trip without the love and support of our family and friends! Thank you! Up and at 'em early tomorrow morning again for another 40 mile trip to Chincoteague. Until then...

being super classy

amazing dinner

Yes! That's a DOG!!!

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  1. Great log and pics. I'm looking forward to following your trip.